Tech Tooling supplies quality production ready plastic injection molds from our ISO 9001 accredited facility in China and only quality import steels are used in our molds. We also supply prototype aluminum injection molds or soft steel pre-production molds in as little as 14 days to support rapid turn programs. We will provide injection molds, based on your required mold life or price point. If you are unfamiliar with buying injection molds we will provide unbiased and objective advice to help you make an informed and cost effective decision based on the expected production level of your project. Tech Tooling will help you select, specify and source the right thermoplastic material for your product and application.

We have years of experience with almost every type of thermoplastic. We will not over specify your application; we have no limiting portfolio of materials from which to choose. We will also ensure that the thermoplastic selected is processed correctly. From drying to molding our processing staff will follow manufacturers suggested guidelines to ensure that samples are representative of your future production. Tech Tooling will provide a Moldflow® analysis prior to mold layout. This allows us to review possible air traps, knit line locations, predict warp, shear stress, weld lines, volumetric shrinkage and other critical information necessary to ensure that the best quality part is obtained from the mold as well as from the molding process.The molds we manufacture are used across a wide variety of industries from leisure to precision industrial parts where tight tolerances of as little as 0.002in are common. When part geometry and final product quality allows we ensure that all the molds we build will run fully automatic. We aim to earn your repeat business by demonstrating the difference and quality of our mold construction.

Our goal is to become a valued asset to your company and long term business partner. Tech Tooling offers injection molding tools for molding machines from 30tons up to 1500tons. Our typical mold build time is 25 calendar days. We provide you with a part model review followed by 2D mold layouts within days for your review before we begin 3D layouts and machining. We work with you to ensure that the mold you want is the mold we deliver. Throughout the build process we keep you informed via progress reports and photographs at every stage. Every customer is also welcome to visit our manufacturing facility where they can see the actual mold manufacturing process. Tech Tooling uses only quality mold steels from Assab, Sweden and Daido Japan and quality standard components from HASCO®, LKM, D-M-E© , Yudo, Incoe, Husky, and Moldmaster. Tech Tooling ships molds via air freight or ocean container .

We take care of importing, shipping, duties and delivery to your facility. We take the hassle out of buying quality production injection molds. Shortly after the injection mold is delivered we also provide you with the electronic data files used to make the core and cavity so that repairs or engineering changes can be handled as if the mold was made domestically. Allow us to quote your next tooling program. Send us your RFQ today, there is no obligation.